getting no likes on a Facebook post

"I'm gonna post this on Facebook."

(5 minutes later)

"No likes yet, damn."

(10 minutes later)

"Still no likes, sigh." 

"It's a good post though, right?"

(20 minutes later)

"No likes and no comments? Did I just post something stupid or useless?"

(1 hour later)

"These other posts aren't that great and they are getting likes and comments."

(2 hours later)

"Maybe if I write a comment then more people will see it.....but then i'm just commenting on my own post, and what would that say about me?"

(4 hours later)

Shit, maybe I'll just delete it...but, what if people already read it and then its gone?....what will that say about me?"

Getting no likes or comments on your Facebook post is disempowering.