thanksgiving is a minefield of disempowerment

who needs to eat this much?

am i related to these people?

are those cornflakes on top of this casserole?

isn't it time for her nap yet?

no, i can't tell that you've gained twenty pounds.

yes, uncle stan, another cocktail is EXACTLY what you need.

what in the hell are we watching?

yes, please tell me more about all the new stuff you've purchased.

yes, do remind me of the people that you've run into lately that i don't care about.

will she ever stop talking?

so the only way to loosen my pants further would be to unzip my zipper?

have i paid my dues in the conversation long enough to excuse myself without making a spectacle?

no, i don't want to get up at six and go shopping.

yes, i'd love to hear your opinions about how everything is going to hell in a hand basket.

yes, the way she smears food all over herself is super cute.

does sugar, cream and butter have to be added to EVERY side dish?

no, i didn't hear that they had another baby. wow.

can we have some greens on our plate?

yeah, work is fine.

i do have vague recollection of the person that you are talking about and i'm sorry that their son is not doing well in school.

yes, i do want to hear the embarrassing story that you tell about me again.

why am i putting food in my face when i'm so fucking full?

yeah, lets talk Obamacare now that everyone has had a lot to drink.

no, i'm not in a relationship yet, but i do want one.

why is my family still stuck in the same dynamic?

sure, i'll have a third piece of pie.

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